Doing sports or attending a youth movement

Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, a sports paradise!

This well-established reputation is strengthened every season  in many different areas. First of all, concerning the organisations.  In normal times, each year our municipality lends its sports facilities to numerous competitions and championships, and also to other events at the local, regional and national level. To accommodate these events, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert relies on 3 major sports centres, namely the Fallon stadium, the Poseidon sports complex, managed by the Municipality, and the Mounier sports centre, managed by the Wallonia-Brussels federation. These large-scale centres also serve as a base for many of the 200 or so sports clubs and associations which offer their activity programmes to the public (children, teenagers and adults) in dozens of different disciplines. In addition, the municipality also has several small local facilities, accessible free of charge, which offer children and teenagers safe spaces for free, unsupervised sports activities, along with some forty outdoor public petanque courts which are accessible in various locations.

 A range of activities for young people

The Youth Service offers and supervises various regular activities during the school year (photography, plastic arts, comics, role-playing, sewing, theatre, etc.) as well as training programmes (sports, creative, recreational, cultural and artistic activities) during the various school holidays (link). The service ensures the daily coordination of 3 centres located in the Andromède, Hof-ten-Berg and Mont-Saint-Lambert (Malou Juniors) districts. Community activities are organised there under the theme « Neighbourhood life ». These 3 centres and the Youth Centre also host the homework school activities, which are supervised in collaboration with the non-profit Wolu-Services in 3 weekly sessions. These are aimed at primary school children, but there is also a section more specifically adapted to teenagers in lower secondary education. In addition, the Youth Department runs its own web radio stations, Dynamic One and DFR. The latter is devoted exclusively to French songs. These radios are active 24 hours a day, offering live broadcasts or DJ performances, and are also present at many festive events organised in the municipality. Many youth movements and youth groups are active in the municipality and organise a wide range of activities for children and adolescents. Finally, the municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert allows many families living on its territory to benefit from a system of « sports vouchers ». The aim of this formula is to assist families with the overall cost of sports for children and adolescents aged 6 to 18, based on certain well-defined criteria.  The application files are managed by the Youth Service.