Education in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

More than 30 schools in Woluwe, from kindergarten to higher education

There are more than thirty schools (all organising powers combined) in the territory of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, offering families the opportunity to find quality education which meets their choice of educational project in the immediate vicinity.

The municipality provides nursery and primary education in ten schools, two of which offer language immersion classes. They also organise a social promotion course in modern languages (CCLM), the activities of two music and speech academies (one per language regime) and a higher school of visual arts (ESA Le 75).

The territory of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert also has many establishments where education is organised by other bodies, including international schools (public schools such as the  Brussels II European School).

The list of schools organised by the municipality or by other bodies and their contact details are available on the municipality’s website in French or in Dutch.

To enrol your child in one of the local schools, please contact the management of the school where you wish to enrol your child directly.