Family life

Single-parent families

  • The Family Service provides a brochure for single-parent families, which can be downloaded from the website

Are you looking for a nursery, an independent childminder, a drop-in day-care centre, etc.?

  • The Family Service provides parents with a brochure entitled « Early Childhood Facilities ». This brochure contains all the contact details of the childcare facilities in our municipality.  You can consult it on our website

Are you expecting a child?

  • Social legislation provides for a single birth grant for both employees and self-employed persons. The application for this allowance must be submitted to a family allowance fund by one of the parents at 6 months of pregnancy (on the basis of a medical certificate) and can be done up to 3 years after the birth of the child. You can find more information on the website of

Has your child been born?

  • You must register the birth within 15 days with the registry office of the registry where the baby was born.

What do I need to do to get child benefit?

  • If you have been granted childbirth allowance, your child benefit will be paid automatically. To ensure that your file is in order, do not forget to send a “household composition” statement to your family allowance fund. To find out all the amounts, we invite you to visit the website

Must my child be vaccinated?

  • In addition to the various preventive vaccines recommended from an early age (diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, measles, mumps, etc.), the polio vaccine is compulsory. A medical certificate attesting to the vaccination must be submitted to the Family Department of the local authority in Tomberg, 123 within 18 months of the child’s birth. For more information on vaccines

You are a parent and you have questions about your child’s education 

  • The Family Service organises family evenings in collaboration with the Centre de Consultations Familiales et Sexologiques [Centre for Family and Sexological Consultations] (CCFS), consisting of conferences and debates. The aim is to help parents who are facing new responsibilities and who are sometimes unprepared for this new parenthood. These conferences take place in the conference room of the town hall. If you wish to be informed of the various activities of the Family Service, please send your email address to