Register as a resident of the municipality

I am Belgian and I am moving to Woluwe-Saint-Lambert:

  • All information is available in French or in Dutch on the website of the municipality.

I am an expatriate moving to Woluwe-Saint-Lambert:

  • A lot of information is also available in English on the Expat Welcome Desk of the Commissioner for Europe of the Brussels Region.
  • Specific aspects of the procedures to be performed in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert:
    • Report to the municipal administration within 8 working days of arrival in Belgium
    • Maximum stay of 3 months (declaration of arrival)
      • The declaration of arrival must be made to the Foreigners’ Office of the place of residence (Belgian law requires non-European foreigners (third countries) coming to Belgium for a short stay (less than 3 months) to present themselves to the municipal administration of the place where they are staying, within 3 working days of their entry into Belgium, except if they are staying in a hotel, if they are hospitalised or if they are detained).
  • Stay of over 3 months
      • Foreigners intending to stay in the country for more than three months (work, study, etc.) must go to the Foreigners’ Office of the municipality in which they reside and apply for registration in the Foreigners’ Register, by appointment only.