Social, cultural and associative life

Culture is a way of life in Woluwe!

Woluwe-Saint-Lambert offers a particularly varied range of cultural activities. Whether it’s the Wolubilis Cultural Centre, the Wolubilis Theatre, the Op-Weule Cultural Centre or the many cultural associations which are recognised and supported by the municipality, you just can’t stay bored in Woluwe! In addition, the Municipal Museum and the Médiatine (an exhibition hall specialising in contemporary art) are recognised exhibition venues in the Brussels landscape. Finally, discover the Wolubilis Art Library, an art lending centre. All information can be found on the municipality’s website (in French or in Dutch), on the website of Wolubilis (the theatre and the cultural centre) and on the website of the Op-Weule community centre.

An expanded library network

4 French-speaking and 1 Dutch-speaking libraries are available for book rental. In addition, a library specialising in the reception of visually impaired and blind people is recognised by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (

More information in French or in Dutch.

Two academies to introduce you to artistic practices

The municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert manages the operation of two music and speech academies (one French-speaking and one Dutch-speaking).

  • Francophone Academy of Music, Dance and the Spoken Word
    An academy in a castle

Located in the beautiful Castel de Lindthout, the academy of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert is a municipal establishment for artistic education with reduced hours, subsidised by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. It has about 1,650 students, taught by some seven teachers trained at conservatories. Many of them are renowned artists who perform in Belgium and abroad. Courses are offered for children (from the age of 5) and adults: musical training, 8 instrumental ensembles, singing in individual lessons or in one of the 7 choirs, classical dance, speech arts (declamation, eloquence, diction and speech therapy, dramatic art, history of theatre, creative application), and lessons in more than thirty musical instruments. The academy has a quite unique early music department. Concerts and performances are organised in the Lindthout Castle. More information at

  • Gemeentelijke Academie voor Muziek en Woord: classical music and also jazz and rock!

Teachers offer a wide range of teaching for children (from 6 years old) and adults in the fields of classical music, jazz, pop-rock, music composition and the performing arts. Instruments taught: piano, guitar, violin, cello, trumpet, double bass, oboe, flute, bass, clarinet, saxophone, percussion, harp… along with also ensemble classes, in classical and jazz, pop and rock music. Individual singing and vocal ensemble courses are also offered, as well as training in theatre and the spoken word. Throughout the year, the academy organises various concerts which give students the opportunity to show their talent in public. The academy set up a school symphony orchestra nine years ago. A small wind band and a big band have just been formed. More information at

A rich and varied community life

Woluwe-Saint-Lambert is a particularly dynamic municipality, and the associative sector contributes greatly to this. An impressive number of clubs, circles, groups and other associations offer a wide range of activities to all interested people, from the youngest to the oldest. These associations are mostly run by volunteers and are active in a number of different fields: culture and heritage protection, sport, personal assistance, youth, neighbourhood life and sustainable development, and international solidarity. A directory [Link] organised by category presents these various associations and their contact details.

In order to provide an independent framework for the development of these citizen initiatives, the College of Mayors and Aldermen has created the Council for Community Life (in French or in Dutch). A place of expression, project development and participation of associations in local life, this Council represents active local associations and gives the Council prior opinions on any project to support community life, particularly in the context of the participatory budget.

The Intercultural Forum: for everyone to get involved in community life!

The municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert has a large number of foreign citizens, representing some 150 different nationalities. In order to encourage the participation of foreign citizens in the life of the city, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert has decided to meet its foreign fellow citizens, whether they are European or non-European, in order to get to know them better and understand their specific expectations. To this end, the College of Mayors and Aldermen has set up an Intercultural Forum, a place for reflection and direct exchanges with foreign citizens on issues which concern them (more information in French or in Dutch)

Learning languages? Meet at the Municipal Modern Language Courses

Being able to speak several languages has become a necessity in order to evolve in an open and dynamic society. Organised by the municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, the municipal modern language courses (CCLM) enable students to acquire or improve their knowledge and broaden their horizons thanks to the five languages taught: French (for non-French speakers), Dutch, English, Italian and Spanish. Experienced teachers use dynamic learning methods (listening, observing, rehearsing, creating) and offer various activities based on play and exchange. Grammar and vocabulary are always used in situational contexts. Group outings enable students to put into practice what they have learned during visits to exhibitions or museums, meals and organised excursions in Belgium or abroad. In order to determine the level of each student, registration is based on a knowledge test. In addition, the CCLM organises a French course for non-French-speaking parents of pupils enrolled in the municipal schools of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, in order to help them better follow their child’s education.

More information here.

How do I get involved in my neighbourhood? The neighbourhood committees welcome you!

More than 10 neighbourhood committees are active in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert. Neighbourhood committees bring neighbours together to develop a spirit of solidarity and sharing among residents and to relay their concerns to the relevant authorities. Would you like to get to know your neighbours better, and participate in joint projects? Join your neighbourhood committee! The list of neighbourhood committees and the contact details of their leaders are available in French.