Getting around in WSL

Parking in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

  • Regulated parking zones:

There are five types of restricted zones in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert. Their rules are applicable from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. without interruption.

Orange zones: parking is charged throughout the week, except on Sundays and public holidays, for a maximum of 2 hours. Parking for up to 15 minutes is free of charge (a free parking ticket must be taken at the parking meter).

Green zones: parking is charged from Monday to Friday. Parking for up to 15 minutes is free of charge (a free parking ticket must be taken at the parking meter).

Grey zones: parking is charged throughout the week, except on Sundays and public holidays. Parking for up to 15 minutes is free of charge (a free parking ticket must be taken at the parking meter).

Blue zones: parking is regulated from Monday to Friday, for a maximum of 2 hours (use of parking disc). Exception: in some blue zones, parking is regulated from Monday to Saturday (specified on the « start of zone » sign).

Residents’ zone: there are four streets (rue Sombre, clos A. J. Slegers, rue de la Cambre from number 2 to number 8 and rue Vandenhoven (between rue Voot and rue Madyol) in the municipality for which parking is partly subject to obtaining a residents’ card. The most restrictive way of limiting parking is the « r » zone. It only allows vehicles with a resident’s card to park. All other vehicles are excluded, 24 hours a day, every day of the week, including Sundays and public holidays.

REMINDER: failure to affix a valid and legible ticket, parking card or disc behind the windscreen implies that the user has opted for the half-day flat rate (25 euros), which then automatically applies.

The map of the different regulated parking zones in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert is available by clicking here.

  • Resident cards:

The resident’s card allows you to park in all the blue zones on the territory of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert without any time limit. The resident’s card is issued per calendar year for a fee of €10 (first vehicle), €50 (second vehicle) or €250 (third vehicle). It is valid in all blue zones located in the municipality. As a reminder, these fees are imposed by the Brussels Region, and by decision of the College of Mayors and Aldermen the amounts are not increased by a municipal share. Your application can be submitted online (FR / NL), by email or at the municipal administration (Parking counter). However, we advise you to do it online: it only takes a few minutes and you will receive the card(s) by post.

  • The visitor’s parking card

Residents of the municipality and persons who pay the tax on the occupation of a dwelling by an occupant who is not registered in the population registers and who wish to receive relatives or friends can obtain a visitor’s parking card which allows them to park without any time limit in the blue zones of the municipality. It is issued at the rate of €5/day. No more than 100 cards may be issued per household per calendar year. No duplicate will be issued in the event of loss or destruction of the card.

  • Other types of cards (cards for professional activities, cards for medical professions and cards for teachers) exist: more information in French or in Dutch.

 Shared vehicles:

Woluwe-Saint-Lambert has several car-sharing stations on its territory.

The plan is available on the Cambio website.


By bike:

  • Renting a bicycle box: Every year, the municipal authorities install new closed bicycle boxes in the public space. These are rented to residents who do not have a place to park their bikes.
    • Priority is given to applicants who use their bicycle on a daily basis to travel to their workplace (based on a certificate from their employer). The application form for a place in a closed bicycle box can be downloaded from the municipality’s website in French and in Dutch
  • Parking rules for shared vehicles (bicycles and scooters) : FR | NL

By public transport:

  • The public transport network (STIB): the STIB manages the public transport network in the Brussels region. Find all the information on fees and the network map on the website of the STIB WEBSITE (available in French, Dutch and English).

People with reduced mobility

  • Parking spaces for disabled people:
    • To apply for the creation of a disabled parking space near your home or workplace, you should send an application to the following address
    • Your application must be accompanied by the following documents: a copy of both sides of your identity card; a copy of both sides of your driver’s licence; a copy of both sides of your special ‘disabled’ card and the general certificate issued by the FPS Social Security.
  • Are you a person with reduced mobility and unable to travel by public transport? A transport service is available for all your travel within the municipality, from Monday to Friday. Information by email to
  • A brochure listing the various transport services for people with reduced mobility in the Brussels Region is available on request.
  • You wish to obtain a disabled person’s parking card: in French or in Dutch.